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Ron Benson '84
Ron Benson '94
Ron Benson today
Passionate about Diving
This site is obviously about rebreather, and the introduction says I've dedicated the past 25 years to diving exclusively rebreathers, but there is more.  My first love in diving has been shipwrecks, primarily freshwater wrecks of the Great Lakes.  I've been fortunate to be the first diver to visit very historic shipwrecks.  To be able to see a ship that sank over a hundred years ago is breathtaking. It is also a solemn moment when you realize the people who perished in the sinking.  In the great lakes with cold fresh water you can see details like ships name painted on the hull, a captains binoculars sitting aside the helm, or a crew members personal belongings, and sadly yes some human remains.  I do enjoy travel to Europe and Pacific waters to visit historic wartime shipwrecks and count my trips to Scappa, Plymouth, Chuuk, Palau as excellent memories!  Florida also has many fine wrecks, but I can say I am a freshwater wreck hound first.   When I am not diving Great Lake shipwrecks, you will find me in stealth mode in an ocean looking for big marine life.  I love big marine life encounters, especially with sharks, whales, goliath groupers, mantas, etc....  Caves are another genre of diving that I have enjoyed from Bahamas Blue Holes, N. Florida caves, to Mexican Cenotes, I enjoy the challenge and beauty of mother nature.  Diving Deep is a challenge that I also enjoy, having gone what I feel is very deep in the ocean is one thing, but going deep in Lake Superior with near freezing water temps and limited daylight is a much bigger dragon to slay.  I don't talk depth as it is all relative, and secondly it has no measure to your competence.  I see complete idiots diving deep and surviving, so what...  If there is a super cool shipwreck that I want to see, then I consider the depth, the risks, the cold, the deco and then decide?  There are way, way too many awesome wrecks in depths under 300 that i still have not seen yet, so the wreck has to be something worth the effort to go beyond.  Underwater Photography has been a hit or miss venture for me, and if you see my Facebook page it is really dedicated to taking pictures of my students at my favorite dive sites.  When I travel, i do enjoy immersing myself in the food and drink of the nations I visit.  Im a foodie that loves to cook new dishes, a dry red wine and a Cuban cigar on ocassion.....

Ron Benson started diving in 1974, going into commercial diving, sport instruction and the past 25 years he has dedicated to soley teaching Semi Closed and Fully Closed Circut Rebreathers.

Scuba has been a passion of mine since a very young age, and I've been fortunate to have seen many amazing things in over 40 years of diving.  From commercial diving, to owning a very successful retail dive store, traveling to exotic dive resorts, a USCG licensed dive charter boat captain with a 32' and 41' dive vessel.  It was the advent or recreational rebreathers that sparked a fire that has burn unquenched and I see no end to the possibilities that this new tool provides. 


In the past twenty five years of diving rebreathers, I have been fortunate to own over 5 different Semi Closed Circuit Rebreathers, and over 15 models of Fully Closed Circuit Rebreather. The experience I can offer students with this vast pool of rebreather experienced is unmatched.  Today I have narrowed down my inventory to only a couple popular rebreathers, yet it seems every year there is a new unit?   


In the early years of CCR introduction to the US, I was fortunate to travel from East to West, North to South to train new instructors and dive centers in the use of CCR's.  I traveled to Europe to attend conferences on new CCR's, as well as led CCR expeditions to remote areas like Chuuk, Cocos Isle, and Isle Royale.  These were featured in Advanced Diver Magazine


I am very proud of these experiences and accomplishments, yet tempered with the maturity to not let arrogance get in the way.  Diving is a sport, a hobby, and similar passion for many of my students.  My goal has always been to share my knowledge and experience to the betterment, safety and enjoyment of my divers.


I love to dive!  And I love to teach divers to use fully closed circuit rebreathers.  


My simple philosophy is to state that I will not allow arrogance to cloud my judgment, and I will not tolerate arrogance or politics in my diving circles.  There is simply too much petty BS in Technical Diving, and my desire is to see my students succeed and not to blow my own horn. I am here to see you succeed!


I am looking forward to diving with you soon!


Ron Benson




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