Poseidon CCR Pool Demo

Enjoy a mini class session to review the basic fundamentals of rebreather operation, before you take a dive in an indoor heated swimming pool to discover the joys of diving a Poseidon Rebreather!   


Discover why Poseidon is the leader in closed circuit rebreathers


Prices based on minium 2 Divers

* Weekday morning / afternoon /  evenings openings available


Cost includes use of Poseidon Rebreather and all consumables; air, oxygen, scrubber.  You only need furnish; mask, fins, and your swimsuit &towel.  You receive a cool Poseidon Swag Bag full of great Poseidon Gifts, a value of over $40 - See on-line store to sign up today!

CCR Pool Demo $75

*Go to Online Store (Rebreather Sales/Training) to purchase purchase your spot in this demo

Poseidon CCR Mod 1

*apx 4 day

Learn to dive on a Poseidon CCR.  Start with home study text, followed by theory review, building and maintaining ccr, pool or confined water session to practice skills before you complete 4 open water dives.  Certification is unit specific.  Diver must own or rent their own CCR.  Ask for list of requuired equipment.  


This is an air diluent, no decompression diving course to 100 fsw. 


Course fee does not include travel, dive charter or site entry fees, gasses, or consumables


Student kits are not included.  Student kit with IANTD "thumb drive" and hard copy TDI Diving Rebreathers with Knowledge Quest Quiz booklet  is $125.

*minimum two students for class -  

Cost $895

This is one of the most incredible deals that I have seen in 20 years of teaching rebreathers.  The Poseidon Sport Se7en at only $5795

Bonus - You Get Poseidon Rebate Bucks for $795 to purchase any regular Poseidon dive/ccr gear! 

This is a Complete CCR ready for you to dive!

*Poseidon Rebate Bucks - $795

  • If you do not already have a stage bottle / bail out regulator, use your Rebate Bucks to purchase a Stage Reg Kit

  • Do You want a Back Up M28 dive computer  - use your Rebate Bucks

  • Purchase Poseidon Sofnolime Pre Packs - use your Rebate Bucks

  • How about a CCR Save A Dive Kit - use your Rebate Bucks


*These are just a few suggestions, you choose the gear that you like

                      Sport Se7en

Complete Includes:

  • Breathing Loop, Scrubber Can, E-Mod, OTS Counter lungs

  • BOV

  • Xstream 1st Stages

  • Green 40 meter battery

  • Paddle Po2 Display

  • 11 Inch Pack Adapter

  • Sport BCD/Harness

  • Cylinder Cam Straps

  • Faber 3 ltr Cylinders



The Poseidon rebreathers grows with you, and when you are ready to dive deeper, stay longer, do deco dives, or mixed gas trimix, then you can upgrade pieces to fit your style.  NO need to buy another rebreather?    The Poseidon Sport Se7en is completely up-gradable for 100 meter diving!

This is the ONLY CCR on the market with Intelligent Pre Dive process.  You start by building the rebreather with your CCR Build Check List, and then you start the Intelligent Pre Dive test system built into the computer of the Poseidon CCR.  The CCR will automatically test over 50 functions to confirm that the rebreather is ready to dive.

Comes Standard with BOV - No Messing around with obscure or abstract maneuvers that other ccr manufactures expect divers to do in an emergency.  NO!  Just Flip a Lever and Bail Out to a safe breathing gas.

Training is also different than most on the market.  You will enjoy a safe course that focuses on repetition of build set up  using a check list, running the pre dive test sequence, and when in the water you will practice the vital skill of bailing out to simulate an emergency.  Time in the water is learning how to dive a CCR and NOT like other ccr's that drill on abstract skills that wear the student out and confuse them by course end.  



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