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Poseidon CCR Upgrades "Bling"

This page is dedicated to the Poseidon CCR and Upgrades to the basic package.  The upgrades may include

  • Back Mount Counter Lungs to clean up the divers front

  • Packable Scrubber

  • Cylinder Inversion Kit to put the cylinder valves on bottom verse topside

  • Lifting Handle


  • Manual Add Valve to inject diluent/oxygen/ or off-board gas into breathing loop

  • M28 computer if you are done playing Ping Pong with the paddle and ready for a real computer

  • M28 cable upgrade from the thin black line to a mesh strain relief

  • M28 bumper guard - add a bit of protection to your valuable handset

  • Weight Pockets Cylinder Mount - put the weight where it matters

  • Cylinder Straps - simple but EZ fix

pos bmcl.jpg

Back Mount Counter Lungs "BMCL". 

If you would like to clean up the front of your diving kit, specifically when you are wearing the rebreather you will remove the bulky counter lungs that wrap over the top of your shoulders to mid waist.  With the BMCL's you will attach the kit as shown picture left on top of the 11 inch adaptor bolt kit studs AFTER you place the BCD.  This is essential as you lay the BCD Wing down 1st, then you lay the BMCL down on top, followed by a Back Plate, or a Soft Harness. 


Now imagine the picture left and you will see at right corner a "dump valve with string" .  If you recall on your OTS CL this valve is on the right side.  So you need to imagine that you will "Flip" this over from right to left so the inverse will have the dump valve on the backside of the divers right side.


The dump valve has a "collar" around it for an important reason.  The reason is that the valve operates on Right Tight turn to increase pressure, yet is has a Push to dump over-ride.   You will start the pre dive test with the valve Right Tight to hold positive gas in loop, and while diving some divers will turn it Left Loose to allow gas to vent.  I choose rather to keep mine always Right Tight.  The collar is then in place to prevent the valve from being pressed against the wing bcd and losing all of your loop volume.

For complete written installation instructions, email me for word document. 



Item number #6011-066 retails for $529  This is the Large Size Counter Lung for Techreational and Technical Diving

Item number 6011-666 retails for $425     This is the Medium Size Counter Lung for Techreational and Sport Diving

ffn 0 400.jpg

 Poseidon Diver Packable Scrubber

OMG! When you discover how easy it is to fill your own scrubber, and how convenient it is to travel and simply ask for a keg of 797 / 8-12 diving sorb, and you discover that you have saved enough money in one season that you could purchase 2 of these scrubbers, then you will have the ultimate V8 head slap moment!  I purchased two of these and find it so convenient to have one installed in my Poseidon, with a spare pack already to swap out..


The image on the left show the "Pre Pack" and the image on the right shows the Diver Pack Scrubber.  The image box below will show you the steps on how to ready the kit for diving, but it does not go into details on how to pack.  For complete written instructions, with pictures, please email me for details.  The instructions come with each scrubber cartridge.

The first thing that you want to do when you purchase one (or two) of these cartridges is to do a bit of "dumpster diving" or essentially a bit of salvage to get the valuable scrim pads from a used or expired MoPro Pre Pack. 


Packable Scrubber  #42824 reg.  $299.95      Sale Price $289

pos inv kit a_edited.jpg

 Cylinder Inversion Kit

You have two options for a kit to invert your cylinders on the Poseidon Rebreather.  First is the standard kit which does a basic job of inverting the cylinders, and Second is the Deluxe Inversion kit which is what I use and recommend.

But let us start with the reason that you will want to invert your cylinders:

  • Allows Diver to Reach hands down to hip and confirm Gas On

  • Allows diver to add weight pocket to top of cylinder for better weight balance

  • More traditional location for valves, makes easier for more diverse buddies to understand your system

  • Bubly boo boo


Now the reason that I prefer the Deluxe Inversion kit is that it allows me to rotate the Regulator 1st stage to a flat profile, and most importantly the QD hp hose fitting allows me to remove the heavy regulators from the CCR body.  By removing the regulators you can decrease weight in shipping/air travel and very important is that you reduce the "banging" or free swinging first stages and avoid damage to can and HP transducer hoses.                     


Standard Inversion Kit #6011-054   $219.95

Deluxe Inversion Kit  #                      $489.95

pos handle b.jpg

 Lift Handle / Protection

You also have two options for a lifting handle on the Poseidon CCR.  First is the one that I like that was originally mounted on the MkVI, but then Sven n Ole thought they should put a back/lid on the ccr and they found an old shovel handle and jabbed it on top of the new Se7en?   Screw the "Shovel Handle" and put the low profile "Lift Handle"

You will want this as ANY ccr is not a traditional scuba tank that you can simply grab the tank valve knob and lift the unit.  All ccr's are a bit floppy as compared, and having the lift handle makes life more fun, and you can use it to invert your ccr without damaging your eMod or Head!  Bonus for you smart divers is that the smart Lift Handle  / Protection is half the price of stupid shovel handle!!!  


To install the Lift Handle on a Se7en requires a swap of bolts so the proper length is inserted into the can body.  You need 2 M6 x 30 SS machine screws as the 35's that come will only fit one of the slots, and will bind on the tank bracket. 


Stupid Shovel Handle  #6011-019          $149.95

Lift Handle / Protection  # 005-065       $79.95

pos mav e_edited.jpg
Pos Lingonberry Inflator .jpg

 How to Add Gasses to your Poseidon CCR

Well that is a pretty simple title, but I think it requires a bit of explanation before we dig into the How To.   First is the concept of why do you need to Add Gas Manually, as the Poseidon CCR is already equipped with a ADV or Auto Diluent Valve on the BOV Mouthpiece.  This device would sense if the rebreather breathing volume or "loop volume" was diminished or lacking, and it would trigger a valve to inject diluent gas for volume.  The only other valves to add gas to the breathing loop are "Solenoid" valves that are triggered by computer to add gas when calibrating either oxygen or diluent past the sensors, or to add oxygen to maintain a set point or Po2. 


So the concept of Manually Adding Gas is to add an apparatus to the Poseidon rebreather that would allow the diver to select a gas, and manually add the gas on demand.  The question then becomes what gas would the diver add and why? One of the gasses that a diver could add is oxygen, and reason would be to maintain an oxygen level, set point or Po2 higher than the computer would choose.  The situation would then involve an ascent where the diver wanted to improve the off gassing by increasing the oxygen gradient.   Another option would be a diver who wishes to flush a rebreather loop with fresh diluent.  A reason could include a rich spike in oxygen that the diver wished to lower, or to flush out carbon dioxide which can increase due to improper breathing patterns.  Also the diver may simply wish to flush out a loop if they are uncertain, and they would flush the loop with diluent to re-establish a new loop volume.   A third option is when a diver anticipates a need for a larger volume and wishes to add diluent before the demand valve would kick in. 


The most common reason then for adding gas would be to add oxygen to increase the gradient and have a favorable decompression ascent.


At present time there are at least four common mechanisms available for adding various gasses into the breathing loop of the Poseidon rebreather.  I will rate these on a "Star" basis from one star to five stars, as this is a common method of ratings on everything from hotel rooms to movies, etc.   Anything below 1 star is on the Lingonberrie standard measure.


             1 Sprig                         Works as stated, but you get head slapped!


**        2 Star                           Works but why bother when you can upgrade to better


***      3 Star                           Good and you are getting close


****    4 Star                           Very Good and almost to the correct application of equipment


*****  5 Star                           Congratulations you have made the best choice
















Poseidon T-Pc Modified MAV injector ports  

(need Manual Injector Pack #6011-051 $320 + BMCL Adaptor Kit #6011-068 $70 = $390)


One Sprig Lingonberry - Poseidon T-Pc Mounted MAV (drysuit inflation valves) on top of BMCL's    The issue is that you mount an inflator button on top of each T-Pc and you have to reach up on top to inflate each gas.  This is not an easy reach in drysuit gear, perhaps in warm water thin suit?  But it is also a busy location as you need to reach over your breathing loop hose... The hoses are also bent at a funny loop and bungy tied to hoses? 


Requires rubber bungies on each loop hose to hold the kinked inflator hoses to T-pc, and 2 SiTech inflator valves?



Installation Tips:


Start by acquiring a large bottle of Aquavit, a sprig of fresh Lingonberries, and a large shot glass.  Pour a measure of Aquavit and drink before starting assembly.  Between each step, make sure the Aquavit glass is re-filled, and emptied.  To assure proper assembly you must ensure that the glass is never empty, but whenever it is full you must drain it,  re-fill and repeat.   You can use the Lingonberries as a garnish, or sometimes hung over a doorway in place of holly.   Don't be too consumed with the lingonberries as they will become self evident after you have consumed the bottle of Aquavit.


Remove the top of the T-Pc and install the spacer #6011-068 and screw the O2 injector to the top of the spacer being careful to snug against the o-ring, but not over tighten. The inflator nipple should be pointing down.  You can choose the rubber hose, or if you select name brand Myflex and not the cheap asian import hose that look alike however can kink.  Do not use the flex hose that kinks!  The use of Myflex may allow a softer bend in hose and less stress on the hose bungies.  Install numerous rubber bungy bands around the rear loop hose to hold the oxygen and diluent feed lines. 


Note you may install a Y manifold on the oxygen supply line, therefore having only one low pressure port hose attached to first stage with an intermediate lenght hose.  From the Y manifold you will install a short flex hose to the oxygen head inlet, and one Myflex hose to the Oxygen MAV on top of right shoulder t-pc.


The Diluent side may already have a manifold (as used on cylinder inversion), however if the amount of LP ports is already used up, then see selection of 3 and 4 port manifolds from OmniSwivel. 


Remember to drain glass and re-fill, repeat.









Poseidon Tech Counter Lungs ( Front Mounted ) MAV Injector

( Manual Injector Pack #6011-051 $320 )


**  Two Stars goes to Poseidon Tech Chest Mounted Counter Lungs with MAV ( Drysuit Inflation Valves ) , one on each lung to correspond to diluent on Left lung and oxygen on Right (exhale) counter lung.   It only rates slightly higher than the One Lingonberry above as the hose routing is simple, no kinked hoses,  they are easy to reach in front and this is an already established CCR typical MAV concept.  The problem here is that NObody wants to have two large pillows in front of them as the world has moved on to Back Mount Counter Lungs and a clean chest. 


If your name is Dolly Parton and your image is a large set on chest, then we give you a pass.  If not then we slap you on the back of the head!


Despite the criticism of OTS ( over the shoulder ) counter lungs, I have dived several CCR's that utilized OTS counter lungs and they never held me back on any dives that I wished to do.   Once I got over the rhetoric of BMCL (back mount counter lung) and realized that they work just as well, and provide me with a very clean chest, then I simply went BMCL and never looked back.  So moral to the story is that they do work, and this method of injecting is very common in industry.


Your first decision is going to be where to route the diluent and oxygen hoses and there are two common routes.  The first is down the outside of each counter lung with the inflator hose being held by velcro on outside edge of cl.  The next is to route down the center of each counter lung, and if there is any velcro you may employ, or start at top and run bungy cord around harness web.  


On the large Tech Counter Lungs you will find a blank plate that screws into the inner bag.  Note underneath each blank plug you will find an o-ring that is critical to the seal between plate and or now SiTech inflator valve and the inner counter lung.   Start by verifying that there is either an o-ring at the base of threads on the bottom of the SiTech inflator valve, or sitting in the o-ring groove of the inner counter lung.  You only need one, and not one in each location, but one only for this seal to occur.


Hose length and color are options that you can choose.  Some divers have gone to extreme of having oyxgen  hose be in color of green and I have no preference or comment as it is personal choice.  You may find that having a Y manifold on oxygen side and 3 or 4 way manifold on diluent side a proper advantage.  With the unit set up and standing upright, you can take a soft fabric tape measure, and starting at point of the Y or Manifold, measure to the base of the inflator nipple.  Be sure to allow for your torso space, if not sure then wear the Poseidon ccr and have a friend make the measurement, allowing for drysuit, undergarment or wet suit spacing.    Note hose length is not identical as position of the valves is different on each counter lung.  Order a Myflex hose in corresponding length.  







Tec Me MAV Injector on T-Pc Adaptor

  ( TecMe  #PD0702 $259 )


***  Three Stars - Goes to the Tec Me version of the JJ swivel MAV that is installed on an "in-line" adaptor between T-Pc mounted either on exhaust lung for oxygen addition only, or the diver may add one on each side?  It then becomes a MAV over each shoulder with diluent on left side and oxygen on right  (exhale) side.  Now there is a minor bit of Farfignugen or German engineering added here that I first noticed with the AP Inspo breathers.  The Europeans use a BCD type nipple that is the same diameter as U.S. style,  however the "length" of the nipple will mean that about 25% of the U.S. BCD type hose connectors will not connect?   So while there is some standards for example amongst regulators to have 3/8" UNF low pressure ports, 7/16" HP ports, etc.... the Europeans have to be a pain in the arse with atypical BCD nipple fittings?

This is a fairly simple solution, with reasonable hose routing.  The MAV button swivels so you could disconnect the Add Gas and supply an off-board gas via another bcd type hose.   This only facilitates one gas, so a diver would need to use one over each shoulder if they choose to add both oxygen and diluent. 



Decide if you are going to add 1 only MAV with priority on the oxygen side first, or if you wish to have one injector on each shoulder.