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The following Articles are from the Facebook Page Rebreather Training 

Your favorite editor Gib Anigav answers important questions divers ask... to see these pearls of wisdom, click on the PDF files below or visit Facebook and check out Rebreather Training page.  Below is the best out-takes from RBT articles 

A Fish Needs A Bicycle - Learn Why we need RESA & RTC  August 2018

Kitties Titties  - Learn more about BMCL - Back Mount Counter Lungs  March 2018

Regulator 101 - Learn basic regulator service to field repair your Apex Regs on rEvo / Meg  -  January 2018

Dented Din Plugs & Oxygen Compatible Lube - Gib fixes stubborn Solid DIN Gas Saver Plugs, and tackles Oxygen lube  - January 2018

IHow Many Ways to Skin A Cat - Techniques on Pre Breathing - July 2017

Protect your Brass Monkeys, and your tank valve "nuts" - December 2017

A reminder of how important tank valves work when you need them - December 2017

MAV Maintenance - November 2017

CCR Cave - Are you in the dark?  - November 2017

Don't Get Buried Under A Mountain of Sorb Dust

Great Lakes Shipwreck Diving Etiquette - April 2017

DSV or BOV - April 2017

Update on Octopus Wrestling  - March 2017

Helium Penalty - March 2017

Five Points to Sensor Integrity  - March 2016

Ice on Eskimos Arse - Reg freeze-up on CCR? - October 2016

Orifices giving you Pain In Arse - modifying Hybrid rEvo orifice - October 2016

Locomotive Engine #694 Discovery - September 2016

Comparing Apples to Pineapples - The Great Sorb Debate - September 2016

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