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Chris Benson

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When she is not diving, Chris enjoys taking here dogs on walks or dingy rides down the river in Sheboygan
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Chris Benson started the Dive Business Going Under Dive Center in 1993 in a small building in downtown Osseo, until she moved it to an 8,000 sq. ft. property in Maple Grove. The dive center has a in-store training pool, large showroom and two large classroom plus sales and service.  She sold the business to one of her employees who is still going strong. When she sold the retail dive center, she started Silent Explorers to focus on supplying the Midwest with Online support for Rebreather Specific Equipment and Training.  Her husband Ron has headed  up the Technical Rebreather Training department.  Chris manages all of the equipment sales online.

If you have any questions about the on-line retail business, Chris is happy to discuss how she built a strong female business in the male dominated industry.

Chris is an accomplished sport and technical diving expert who has dived around the world on open circuit scuba as well as fully closed circuit rebreathers.  She fondly remebers trip to the Gunilda in Rossport Ontario where she dived the sunken yacht to 240' ffw on double tanks filled with trimix.  And she has swam with thousands of Hammerhead sharks in Cocos Islands.  One of her favorite trips was to the Great White Wall in Thailand.

When Chris is not diving, she enjoys gardening in the summer months, and snow shoeing or cross country skiing in winter.

Chris in Cozumel training her daughters how to explorer the oceans
Passionate about Diving
Chris is ready to grab her sandals and swimsuit for a chance to explorer a new ocean, a new beach, a new sunset..... 

Chris Benson


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