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Gib Anigav

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One of life's greatest mysteries is that we will never know.  Maybe someday I will put down the pencil and paint my self portrait
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Having Fun with
Vintage Gear
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Look to the future
don't look back

Gib entered the scene in 2001 when he was invited to join a group of divers from Seattle who were exploring the shipwrecks of Lake Michigan.   He took his first scuba dives in college, and forgot about the fun and excitement until he retired his successful practice in proctology.   Today he does not answer to the title of Dr. but prefers if you call him "Instructor".   He enjoys diving rebreathers, his cat,  and most of all drawing pictures in pencil or charcoal.

When asked how to summarize Gib's personality traits  "He's a bit rough on the outside, but inside he's just a big softy"

When I asked Gib what he wanted posted about his traits he said I'm kinda like that cat Felix with nine lives, except I can't recall if I'm on my 8th or 9th ?   But seriously, I thought I seen a lot of assholes in my practice, but it was nothing to compare with the dive industry.  I feel at home

Today Gib handles questions about the web shop cart and writes a column for the CCR newsletter, that is when he is not drawing pictures of his cat


Passionate about Diving
Travel rids the sole of self inflated egos and open the door to humanity. Be kind and appreciate health and sunshine, especially the rays of light as viewed underwater

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Gib Anigav

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