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Poseidon Regulator Service Charts

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Poseidon Regulator 1st Stage Service Kit Chart

Don't be intimidated, but yes the Poseidon Regulator Parts kits of past could be quite challenging as the regulator 1st stage, 2nd stage and combined 1st/2nd stage had a unique part number. To determine the kit you would then need to know what combination of regulators you had in your hands....

Today the parts kits are commonly grouped into

  • Service Kit Cyklon & Jetstream 1st Stages #3769
  • Service Kit Cyklon 2nd Stage #3551
  • Service Kit Jetstream 2nd Stage #3549
  • Service Kit Xstream Deep/Dive #4822
  • Service Kit Xstream Duration 90 #4824
  • Service Kit Xstream 2nd Stage #4825

I do also have a handy Service Tech guide for the older Poseidon Regulators which is a complete copy of original for basically cost of printing. Covers the vintage 70's - 90's Cyklon, Jetstream regulators. Look for part #

*These parts are designed for the factory trained service technician only as the rebreather is "life support" . Do not attempt to service your own rebreather without proper training.

When quality and safety are a concern, only use original or OEM Poseidon parts.

*Ships USPS

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Silent Explorers Specializes in Poseidon Rebreather Training and Se7en Rebreather sales.  We also provide support, training, and parts for ISC Megalodon Rebreathers.


Frank, Germany

Hello Ron
The parts for the Mistral arrived in Germany today. Everything worked out great. I would like to thank you again. Greetings Frank

Paul, UK

Received my items today. 

Just wanted to say thank you on your prompt and almost unbelievable service.  

Give yourselves a huge pat on the back.   Paul

João, Portugal

Good afternoon Ron,


Arrived and in pristine condition!


Many thanks for your help over all this process


Let me know if you visit Portugal for the diving conference


Hope to see you soon


Kindest regards





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